@ the Wadsworth Atheneum sketching with students!

X-acto knife = the original magic wand.

My college students are going to paint this GIANT fish, which is buckled up for safety here.

Reworking character sketches of these flying lessons today for "Willamina's Wings"

Teaching some awesome #HartfordPerforms students today at the New Britain Museum of American Art!

Color studies with Crayola's "shocking pink" for the cover of "Reclaiming Education for Peace and Sustainability," by Dr. Kurt Love. This lass'll be learning how to plant zucchini.

Sun monoprint and sunset clouds ready to be collaged into place.

Character sketch of the classic "picking" but mostly really just eating raspberries approach!

Character sketches & color studies today of students outside in an organic garden for a new book cover.

So much fun to get emails from art directors with cover layout options!

Intaglio prints of lobster traps an photos of Maine for inspiration for "Sharky Barky."

Collaging and testing out some shark faces. From top to bottom they are: sly, hungry, and a little leery.

Quick airport sketches for a new project, "Sharky Barky."

Swimming and illustrating the strawberry moon last night.

Working on a new picture book proposal, tentatively entitled The Grand Old Tree. Also concurrently reading Crime and Punishment and The Hidden Life of Trees, which basically means I will now never cut down a tree and will planting a billion zillion seeds this year.

My other lamps broke in the latest move, but these greenies are coming through in a pinch. The light might be slightly cyan, but at least it makes sense since I'm painting summer leaves.

A rocky cliff, a full moon, and a stormy sea linocut for If the Moon Happened Once.

Red Riding Hood with a precariously balanced chocolate bundt cake, headed to a party with friends in Whatever the Weather!

Printing today at Bruce and Sasha Press, with the indomitable Emily Lyon. This is where she prints her zine, Little Wing Big Wing, which you can order here 

Taking a break from the studio and telling some fortunes at the Savannah Children's Museum! This young man said in the future he wants "a large pizza." I asked him what toppings he wanted on it and he said, "tiny little pizzas." Genius.

Testing out some monoprints for a new project, breaking out the gold ink.

This screenshot definitely made my day.... check out this dapper young gentleman holding the newly illustrated Georgia State Railroad Museum Site Guide for Kids!

Awesome shots of some young visitors using their illustrated Site Guide I-Spy's to experience the wonderful Georgia State Railroad Museum in an interactive and fun way!

Leaves to be inked for The Vegetarian piece, listening to Erykah Badu's "Appletree."

A vegetarian wolf in progress for National Read Across America Day.

Sharpening crayons, making confetti.

This young guest at the Savannah Children's Museum is drawing the very best T-Rex I have ever seen. The hands especially.

Collage on my studio wall with illustrations for the Georgia State Railroad Museum Site Guide for Kids.

The original site guide: my creative direction was to "make it awesome."

Almost done painting these folks!

Pony tails, super hero capes, and train skates for my characters

in the upcoming Georgia State Railroad Museum Site Guide for Kids.

I try not to go overboard taking pictures but seriously I couldn't be more proud of my students!

Walking and brainstorming.

My paint water simultaneously looks like a frothy lavender cloud smoothie, and a menacing cup o' crow.

String prints galore! Working on a new project and these are so fun to make that I almost ran out room to hang dry

them...and had to use the back of the door.

Let's hang this student show!

My inspiration and model for a main character in Ornery Rapscallions...my cat Murrles asleep underneath some castle

prints in my temporary studio.

Color studies and the face of a very Ornery Rapscallion! This little guy is part of a dynamic duo taking on the world, one

castle at a time!

Amazing Lightspeed Lion fan art given to me by the talented Mike F!

Flattening my corners and painting swirls.

Christmas card color study, baby foxes making cookies.

I try to teach my illustration students that sitting down is overrated.

My Art Foundations students are so talented!!

Waiting to scan my lion at Staples!

Collagraph test print for the background of the Lightspeed Lion illustration.

Lion final painting in progress, character color notes in the margins.

Oven as drying rack: my new illustration needs collagraphs of a flying carpet for a lion to ride on!

My best friend teaches art to elementary schoolers, and used this as her teaching exemplar for a unit on friendship :) Very

lucky to be her friend